This disease is killing me
Comin’ takin’ everything swiftly
It hides in the shadows but it’s always there
It can be the dope on the table or just that cold stare
Spoons and syringes – tools of the trade
Anything to make reality fade
Shootin’ dope in a house with no water and no power
Kids wondering why Daddy’s been in the kitchen for an hour
Soon the kids are gone and the dope is done
Now if only I hadn’t sold that .50 cal. gun
Now I’m left alone just me and my disease
I cry out, Oh Dear Lord one more…please
Next thing I’m in handcuffs hauled off to jail
Thank you Lord for gettin’ me outta that hell
Now recovery is somethin’ I must keep
I can’t afford to get high, not even in my sleep
My disease is always there waitin’ on one slip
So quick how my mindset can flip
One day at a timeis how I’m gonna make it
Cause I’ve got a disease and I can’t shake it.

Jonathan Ogle