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Karla Sells-Gourley

Some would say my “fall from grace” was embarrassing, disappointing, public and quite scandalous for our community. I would say, my “fall from graceā€ was and continues to be the day my life started over, a new beginning so to speak. My story is no different than any other addict in that my addiction led […]

My Prayer

Dear lord, So far today I haven’t cursed, stole or used drugs. I haven’t lost my temper, became depressed or took your name in vane. I have yet to give in to my addiction today, but I have just opened my eyes. In a few minutes I’m going to get out of bed, and from […]


This disease is killing me Comin’ takin’ everything swiftly It hides in the shadows but it’s always there It can be the dope on the table or just that cold stare Spoons and syringes – tools of the trade Anything to make reality fade Shootin’ dope in a house with no water and no power […]